About ALDN

Africa Learning and Development Network (ALDN) is a registered Trust; born out of a dream to make Africa a safe and productive continent through empowerment and transformation of its citizens. ALDN is a very diverse and robust organization that boasts of a multi-level learning and development training model to cater for all socio-economic status of Africans. Its business philosophy is to bridge the gap existing between traditional education system and development needs. ALDN Trust was established in March 2010 to offer world class learning philosophy and practice. In 2011, ALDN Trust then registered with the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education of Zimbabwe as ALDN Virtual College. To date we have trained more than 3 000 graduates dotted in SADC Region.

At ALDN our motto; “The Ultimate Solutions”, confirms our commitment to service, as well as our partnership with our client creates synergies that have lasting solution in learning and development


To create a transformational experience for our learners whereby they engage in learning that has an empowering impact.


ALDN’s vision is the transformation and empowerment of people within the communities to achieve their aspirations through relevant training and capacity building.


Integrity | Knowledge
Diligence | Excellence | Team work
Corporate Social Responsibility

Our approach to training

We draw on a core group of academics and industrial experts each with a proven track record and enormous experience in their own field. We approach any training work as a team and as partners with clients, to ensure that the final solutions are effective and achieve desired organizational results. As our team of trainers draw on their knowledge and experience to provide guidance they will also make it their business to create an innovative, pragmatic solution with real organizational impact and which addresses specific organizational needs.

Through our partnership approach, we work with stakeholders as advisors and partners, tapping into global knowledge, developing strategies to apply appropriate knowledge to address specific needs; and transferring skills and learning as we go. We will agree on a range of success criteria in advance to measure the impact of our work on organizational results. We define success from the perspective of our clients based on value terms.

Why we are different

  • We are completely driven by the needs of the client
  • We are outcome focused and not prescriptive
  • We are motivated by skills transfer and application of knowledge
  • We offer personalized solutions which are pragmatic, clear and organization driven
  • Our trainers are specialists in their relevant fields with proven track records in the organization
  • We are driven by our strong beliefs about people and organizations
  • We are committed to a partnership process to ensure quality, value and sustainability

Our Team

Knowledge, team work and wisdom are key fundamentals to successful leadership. Driven by these fundamentals, ALDN prides itself of a high competitive leadership that has the capacity to plan, lead, organize, coordinate, monitor and control: as well as the ability to adapt to the micro and macro-economic realities of different sector industry.

Mr Panganai Toperesu

Group C.E.O

Panganai, the founder of ALDN Trust and team leader, is an accomplished development practitioner and strategist. He is well travelled locally, regionally and internationally. He has more than 24years working experience in research, consultancy, programming, development work, training, banking, extension services, administration and leadership in the government, private, finance, NGOs, CBOs and training Institutions. He is a holder of MSC degree in Development Studies, Executive Diploma in Business Leadership, Diploma in Agriculture and a host of various short courses. A PhD Candidate in area of Education Transformation and philosophy.

Takaruza Munyanyiwa (PhD)


Dr T Munyanyiwa holds a Doctorate in Management in Organizational Leadership (USA), Msc in Tourism and Hospitality Management (UZ) and Diploma in Hotel Management (Kenya). He served as Pro-Vice Chancellor Business Development with the University of Zimbabwe from April 2011 to March 2016. As Pro-Vice Chancellor his main function was wealth creation and promoting a business entrepreneurial ecosystem culture within the university thus ensuring sustainable high quality service delivery. His work experience spans nearly 30 years in Africa (Zimbabwe & Kenya), USA and Asia in the areas of tourism and hospitality management, education management and teaching, capacity building, manufacturing industries and also served for almost a decade as Zimbabwe Tourism Attaché to China, Japan and S Korea.

Mr Morgen Mutsau

Senior Consultant

Morgen is an experienced consultant, researcher and facilitator with a working experience of more than 15 years working with both local and international organizations. He is currently finalizing his doctorate thesis in the area of knowledge management. He holds an MSC degree in Knowledge Management and ICT; Honours Degree in Business Management and a host of in-house trainings exposure.